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Street Light Auto Timer Panel

Street Light Auto Timer Panel

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Digital Clock based street light Control system: 
One may set the On time and off time. The switching of street lights shall be repeated every day. Another option may be designed for switching ON/ OFF the alternate lights at designated time to save energy without compromising the requirements.
Sun rise / Sun set based Street light Control System :
Light / Lux based control for switching the street lights: 
Light sensor is used for switching the lights. It is very important.
Street light control with Dimming for energy saving:
The idea behind the control strategy is that during the late night till morning the traffic is low and hence it is possible to reduce the lux levels. The dimming makes the lights uniform throughout the street and saves valuable energy. The saving may range from 20% to 35% depending on the control strategy and choice of lamps / fittings. 
We offer dimmable ballast based FTL (fluorescent tube) lights. The ballasts can dim the lights from 100% to 10% of power level. Dimming may be automated with digital timer based controls.